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The ideology is that tobacco is deadly in any form and that, as in the case of any ideology, is not open for discussion. Supporters of the extinction of tobacco, however, go the great extents to state that they are based on science and not ideology, although their science is epidemiology which, by definition, cannot establish causality so it is not science. Be that as it may, the same “science” “demonstrates” that tobacco smoking has a remarkable list of benefits to health. That list is, of course, the tightest taboo of the antismoking propaganda. This section deals with that taboo and implicitly demands a choice. As it is the same “science”, then it is either all junk science or it is all good science. In that case, the benefits of smoking should be highlighted by those very same health “authorities” that yell in our ears that “smoking kills”. But that would be information as opposed to propaganda.

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  • Smokers With Rheumatoid Arthritis May Have Lower Body Fat Than Nonsmokers

    Author(s): Laurie Barclay
    Article Published: 2008
    Pop. size: 392 patients (290 women)
    Type: Cross Sectional
    Published By: Medscape

    Keywords: arthritis, rheumatoid, Barclay, benefits, smoking

    Further Information

  • Non-smoking: a feature of ulcerative colitis

    Author(s): A. D. Harries, A. Baird, J. Rhodes
    Article Published: 1981
    Type: Articles and Dissertations
    Funding Source: Department of Gastroenterology, University Hospital of Wales
    Published By: British Medical Journal, Volume 284, 6 March 1982

    Keywords: ulcerative, colitis, Chron, Harries, Baird, Rhodes,

    Further Information

  • Cigarette smoking and the incidence of Parkinson's disease in two prospective studies

    Author(s): Miguel A. Hernán, Shumin M. Zhang, Ana M. Rueda-DeCastro, Graham A. Colditz, Frank E. Speizer, Alberto Ascherio
    Article Published: 2001
    Type: Cohort
    Significance: Statistically Significant Negative

    Published By: Annals of Neurology, Volume 50, Issue 6, Pages 780-786

    Keywords: therapeutic, parkinson, smoking, Hernán, Zhang, Rueda-DeCastro, Colditz, Speizer, Ascherio

    Further Information

  • Prospective Study of Cigarette Smoking and the Risk of Developing Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease

    Author(s): Andrew Grandinetti, David M. Morens, Dwayne Reed, Dorothy MacEachern
    Article Published: 1994
    Pop. size: 8,006 men, 26-year follow-up study
    Risk: RR = 0.39
    Type: Follow-up
    Significance: Statistically Significant Negative

    Published By: American Journal of Epidemiology Vol. 139, No. 12: 1129-1138

    Keywords: therapeutic, parkinson, smoking, Grandinetti, Morens, Reed, MacEachern

    Further Information

  • 1989-90 National Health Survey. Lifestyle and Health Australia.

    Author(s): Castles I, Australian Bureau of Statistics. Commonwealth of Australia.
    Article Published: 1994
    Type: Population
    Funding Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics
    Published By: Alan Law, Commonwealth Government Printer, Camberra. Catalogue No. 4366.0.

    Keywords: therapeutic, benefits, smoking, Australia, statistics, propaganda, fraud, Castles

    Further Information

  • Cigarette Smoking and the Risk of Breast Cancer

    Author(s): Susan Y. Chu, Nancy E. Stroup, Nhyllis A. Wingo, Nancy C. Lee, Herbert B. Peterson and Marta L. Gwinn
    Article Published: 1990
    Pop. size: 4,720 women aged 20–54 years with newly diagnosed breast cancer identified through population-based tumor registries with 4,682 women randomly selected from the same geographic areas
    Risk: RR = 1.2
    Type: Population
    Funding Source: The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health
    Significance: Statistically Significant Positive

    Published By: American Journal of Epidemiology Vol. 131, No. 2: 244-253

    Keywords: breast, cancer, Chu, Stroup, Wingo, Lee, Peterson, Gwinn

    Further Information

  • Glycation of the amyloid b-protein by a nicotine metabolite: A fortuitous chemical dynamic between smoking and Alzheimer’s disease

    Author(s): Tobin J. Dickerson and Kim D. Janda
    Article Published: 2003
    Type: Experimental and Technical
    Funding Source: "We gratefully acknowledge Dr. Laura Pasternack for helpful discussions and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (Grant F31 DA-15973 to T.J.D.) and The Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology for financial support."
    Significance: No Risk Estimate Reported

    Published By: Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America

    Keywords: Parkinson, Alzheimer, nicotine, smoking, protection, Dickerson, Janda

    Further Information

  • Does Maternal Smoking Hinder Mother Child Transmission of Helicobacter pylori Infection?

    Author(s): Brenner, Hermann; Bode, Günter; Adler, Guido; Rothenbacher, Dietrich
    Article Published: 2000
    Pop. size: 120,000 inhabitants of Ulm, South Germany
    Risk: RR = 0.24; 95% confidence interval = 0.12–0.49
    Type: Cross Sectional
    Funding Source: "We thank Dietlind Wehrhahn and Ingrid Wörner and the staff of the Public Health Service of Ulm for their support in conduct of this study."
    Significance: Statistically Significant Negative

    Published By: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc., Volume 11(1), January 2000, pp 71-75

    Keywords: helicobacter, pylori, infection, maternal, smoking, protection, child, children, transmission, lactation, Brenner, Bode, Adler, Rothenbacher

    Further Information

  • Cigarette smoking and breast cancer

    Author(s): JA Baron, PA Newcomb, MP Longnecker, R Mittendorf, BE Storer, RW Clapp, G Bogdan and J Yuen
    Article Published: 1996
    Pop. size: 6,888 cases and 9,529 controls
    Risk: RR = 1.00, 1.10
    Type: Case-Control
    Funding Source: US Public Health Service
    Significance: No Risk Change

    Published By: Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention, Vol 5, Issue 5 399-403

    Keywords: breast, cancer, association, protection, Baron, Newcomb, Longnecker, Mittendorf, Storer, Clapp, Bogdan, Yuen

    Further Information

  • The puzzling association between smoking and hypertension during pregnancy

    Author(s): Zhang J, Klebanoff MA, Levine RJ, Puri M, Moyer P
    Article Published: 1999
    Pop. size: 9651 healthy primigravid women
    Risk: RR = 0.6 for gestational hypertension; 0.5 for preeclampsia
    Type: Cohort
    Significance: Statistically Significant Negative

    Published By: Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1999 Dec;181(6):1407-13

    Keywords: Zhang, Klebanoff, Levine, Puri, Moyer, hypertenion, preeclampsia, pregnancy, women, protection

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