Smoke-free Cannabis

Author: Pat Nurse
Article Published: 2009/04/06

A friend of mine was ordered by her doctor the other day to attend a smoke-free clinic. To stop him from harassing her, she agreed, but later phoned to say she wouldn’t be there.

When she talked to a neighbour about this, he said he’d had the same experience and he had attended. The first question they asked him was: "Do you smoke cannabis?"

The neighbour said he had smoked the drug in his youth but he hadn’t used it for a good number of years.

"Oh, it’s just that if you do, then you will need another patch," they told him.

Apparently, special patches have been designed to help people stop smoking cannabis, and another one of course contains nicotine replacement, ostensibly to help them stop smoking tobacco.

My friend thought this was hilarious but I found it quite sinister. I wondered if this is a new weapon in the war on tobacco and smokers. Are these smoke-free people doing what they will later call "research", for example?

Unfortunately, I can see future headlines: "Calls to make tobacco illegal after new research links it to cannabis use"

… And we all know that cannabis use leads to harder drug use don’t we...?

An extraordinary footnote to this story came to me yesterday via the same friend.

"My neighbour was also told by the smoke-free worker that if he didn’t stop smoking he would die. No question about it," she said.

"When he went for his latest appointment, he found it had been cancelled. He was told his lifelong non-smoking smoke-free worker had suddenly died at the age of 45."

I sincerely kid you not!

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