Forest Guide To Smoking In London


The FORESTGuide to Smoking in London, theworld'sfirsttravel guide forsmokers,hasbeen acclaimedworldwidesinceitwas first publishedin November 1996 and been given more media coveragethan any other travel guide to Britain’s capital in the last few years.The following are just a sample:

"The most politically incorrect book of the month, the Forest Guide to Smoking in London, published yesterday, makes a bold stand not for what is good for us but for what we know is bad for us."Alan Hamilton, The Times

"I grudgingly admire this book, in part because it has some sense of humour. Leaveyis afundofknowledge...Thebookis more significantasa challenge to two qualities vitaltoabalanced urbanlife:tolerance andcourtesy."Simon Jenkins, Evening Standard

"Unitedandabandon your outcast status, trumpetsJamesLeavey's Forest Guide to Smoking in London...The guide introduces smokersto alike-minded community of puffers bothpastandpresent...With gleeful complicity, this guide helps those who light up to inhale- freely and unashamedly." Nadya Labi, Time magazine

"Lovers of the weed who are headed for England should pack a copy of The Forest Guide to Smoking on London...the 'world'sfirsttravel guidefor smokers,' it also offers insight onthecityitself."Playboy magazine

"The revolutionary call to the new militatant smokers, the Das Kapital of thesmoke-and-be-damned philosophy, is London'sfirstsmoking guide..." EleanorBailey, Independent on Sunday

"Itis reassuring, in fact, to see how many placesstilltolerate smokers...Thebest section is the one coveringrestaurants,which lists theplaces which provide free matches - thesmokers'equivalentof a Michelin star...this guide also shows those of youwho prefer their lungfuls of pollution unadulterated by cigarette smoke where to avoid the rest of us."Lizzie Fairrie, Arena magazine

"Businesstravellers will find particularly useful a sectionwhich sets out exactly when they can light up at London's airports."Amon Cohen, Financial Times

"There was a book launch party in the capital this week for a volume called The FOREST Guide to Smoking in London...The celebration was a great success. News of the event attractedmediacorrespondents fromIceland, Austria, Brazil and - not surprisingly - fromPravda newspaper in Moscow...Smokers, in one sense, have become theheroes and heroines of our age."Peter Tory, Daily Express

"This is a noble project designed to allay the paranoiaofthe smokerwho fears instant vilification when lighting upinpublic.It tells you where to have a snout without somespiritualCalifornian reading the riot act..."Peter Clark, ES magazine

"It (also) suggests smoking in front of the memorial bust ofthe lateUS president, John F Kennedy, on Marylebone Road innorth-west London. Quite what this will do for Anglo-American relations is not made clear."Lloyds List

"Smokersvisitingthecapitalcannowdiscoverwhichhotels, restaurants,cinemas and even health clubs will welcomethemwith open arms."Daily Telegraph

"A small rearguard action in the smoking war..." The Bookseller

"A sort of baccy bible - and an entertaining one to boot...This is a bang up to date 'what's on and where' volume in its ownright..."Pete Bryen, Herald Express (Torquay)

"...entertaining,amusingandinformative...evenforthe non-smoker." Tobacco Europe

"...tobaccolovers are hitting back with a guide to whereto have a smoke without strife..."The Herald (Glasgow)

"Iteven has a section on the best doorways to light up in-thus accepting without protest the fact that many office workers arenow driven intothestreets tosmoke." AlexanderChancellor,The Guardian

"...essentialreading for smokers in London or conversely itcould also beused by non-smokers as places not to gointhecapital.Either way, this publication serves as a testament to the changein publicattitudes to the habit in the last few decades." JoCole, The Western Morning News

"Alate Christmas present for the unrepentant fumer inyourlife"Try The FOREST Guide to Smoking in London...There's anintroduction byAuberon Waughand an afterword by that grealrolemodeland picture of health Jeffrey Bernard."Venue magazine

"At last, a guide book with attitude!"Virgin FM

"...lets puffers in on those secret, fuggy corners yet to bebanned by Californian-style anti-tab militants..."The Independent

" demonstrates that most restaurants not only tolerate smoking, but seemactivelytopromoteit;abouthalfgiveawayfree matches..." Anthony Middleton, Time Out

"Where to find smoke without ire."Hackney Gazette

"...givesadviceon where to find the mostsmoker-friendlypubs, restaurants,moviehouses and even health clubs inthecapital." International Herald Tribune

"...a handy book for those who are looking forward to having a break in London but dread being prevented from smoking..." JerseyEvening Post

"If it is cold outside, we are assured the book itself provides much warmth if ignited."Tobacco Trade Guide-Europe

"A must for the discerning smoker."Classic Cigar magazine

"TheFORESTGuide to Smoking in London features JanOlofsson'sexcellent photographs."Amateur Photographer

"Packed full of historical anecdotes the guide offers THE places to smoke at ease..." Traveller magazine

"...asavage indictment or welcome aid, according to thestateof your lungs.Right on!I see the shade of Che Guevara risingfrom hisgrave to join the fight, wielding a fine Havana."NoisesOff, The Sunday Times

"...succeedsinframingthe publicsmokingdebateinuniquely diplomaticterms...Chapters on the etiquette of smoking inpublic, Sherlock Holmes' London, and the best London doorways to light up in are accompanied by historical anecdotes and an engagingunderlying callfor tolerance and courtesy that transcend’slocale."Smokeshop,official publication of the RetailTobaccoDealers of America

“…leads the reader through the streets of one of the world's great cities, stopping at smoker-friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) spots along the way. The good news is that London has plenty of places to light up. It also has an exuberant and longstanding smokers' culture, which Leavey celebrates with humour and verve…But the real fun lies in the book's chronicle of smoking culture, past and present. London has several smokers' clubs, and Leavey lists them. Readers are told where to go for the largest selection of snuff in England, where to have a good quality lighter repaired, where serious smoking collectibles are bought and sold, which famous British actor had a cigarette brand named after him, where the debris of clay pipes from centuries past might be found, and the location of Sir Walter Raleigh's statue…The Forest Guide to Smoking in London will enhance your trip -- and make you a more interesting conversationalist when the subject of smoking pops up. Leave room for it in your suitcase!”Anne MacDiarmid, FORCES Canada


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