Ninja Blade passing tips - Main missions # 024

After a series of shocks, the boss will disappear and will appear elsewhere again. Then repeat the action with a search for a real idol and attack it again. And so to the result.

After the battle with the idol of the fool, go to the altar, and the Gorgrali will raise you into several floors above. Then climb the stairs, and you will fall into the clinic: Upper Latria. Touching the shoemaker, you will get a daisy soul of the demon.

Return down and cross the fog, and you will enter a wide passage.

Look to right, and you will see a grenade launcher - go to it and turn off. Now you can safely assemble objects from the bridge;

Ahead entrance to the second tower - you must enter it. Climb on a long staircase and walk along the long corridor into the room in which you must kill the character holding the seal. Also, do not forget to pick up a special key - a prison of hope that hangs on the wall; Thanks to him, you will open the camera in which Freque is located;

On the left there is a battle arona with a boss - before going there, defeat the red phantom and enter the tower to kill the character who will receive the life of the boss.

If you are ready, enter the boss arena to start the battle with the idol.

Return to the corridor and continue to go. Beware of traps at the end of the tunnel. You will find yourself in a place where you can see the fog in front of yourself, and next to you will be a keeper's demon, if you have not killed him. In this part of the location, take care of flying slopes that attack from afar. You can destroy them with a bow or magic.

Cross the fog and climb the stairs. Native this level and kill enemies, then climb the stairs upstairs.

Rear to the pedestrian bridge and jump in the right place, avoiding traps.

Go down the steep slope and follow the path along the rocks. Beware of enemies hiding around the corner. Make them in a safe place where it is easier to fight. Fighting a narrow passage is not the best idea. Do not forget to get rid of flying enemies in advance.

Go across a steep path, and you will get into the fog that you need to cross:

Climb the stairs to collect some valuable items;
Go to the left to get to the trail, which will lead you to a big ring - the regulator - which gradually restores health glasses;
Go to the right to finish the study of this place and get to the battle of the Boss. Beware of traps in the pass!

If you are ready to meet with the arbiter, the boss of this location, go to the right and cross the fog. A sexy Asian hot skinny asian teen porn decided to have a little fun with her boyfriend and made a hardcore sex in the BDSM style in front of the camera.

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