Verbal-logical memory

The verbal-logical memory is a type of memory that expresses itself in conclusions, conclusions, concepts, judgments, which reflects the items not by themselves as other types of memory in essence, but expresses the world around us in relations between these objects. The verbal-logical memory is most used in teaching some science in high school or university, when the number and amount of information exceeds the one who needs to memorize through images, emotions, and so on.

Although incorrect would be a statement that says that the verbal-logical memory eliminates the remaining types. Here, more like the synthesis of abstract and concrete material, where the abstract is a verbal-logical memory, and the specific - all other types. In training it is desirable to use all types of memory, since only through the prism of all types of information that visits our brain, you can learn the material at the proper level. However, there is no possibility to realize full-fledged training with pictures, sounds and emotions, as it is necessary for this, firstly, a certain talent, and secondly, the time and physical ability to implement such projects.

So, for example, when students in the history lessons study some battles, it was ideally not to study them as a set of text, but to submit to the most smallest details, as one or another battle passed, survive it. But the modern level of technical progress does not allow to return to the past, and modeling certain events is not a completely accurate and very expensive process. Therefore, the only thing that can be done to the disciples to assimilate a large amount of material distant from the reality is to train verbal-logical memory, without which it will still be hard to make conclusions based on what was given in school and apply it in real life.

The verbal-logical memory is something at the junction of thinking and, in fact, memory. In the same way, both thinking expresses itself in human speech, and this type of memory expresses itself in this. But without the "specific" types of memory, the memorization of the abstract material will be a very exhausting process, which will allow many inaccuracies and fatal errors. Therefore, the current system of education, despite the fact that it is hard enough, but still try to realize the perception of abstract material through the prism of specifics. Then there really will turn out good doctors, psychologists and journalists. Beautiful shavedpusy female students are already flowing, do not miss

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