Research into the essence of sexuality in Arab countries

Research into the essence of sexuality in Arab countries

Research into the essence of sexuality in Arab countries is becoming increasingly common. This is thanks to the liberalizing trend within the Arab world as well as a greater access to information through the internet and other media. This website intends to shed some light on the topic by delving into some aspects which are commonly discussed between gay people and their non-gay friends, both offline and online. It will then argue that there is a certain tension which exists between gay and straight people in the Arab world due to conservative attitudes that are prevalent.

While some people may be open-minded and accept of sexual minorities, others are quite conservative. This often creates an internal tension within the minority community, with those individuals wishing to have greater freedom and liberty being ostracized by those within the community who wish for things to remain the same. These tensions often spill over into everyday life, resulting in further deterioration of the individual's life situation. This results in an increasing lack of sexual satisfaction and enjoyment from both men and women. The reasons for this can be traced back to the Muslim religious code, which states that 'Allah has put sex into its place'. Those who adhere to this view believe that one should not be Gay because the practice of sexual intercourse will bring disgrace to the person. This view is commonly countered by many believers who argue that the five pillars of Islam - believed to be the pillars of faith - forbid the idea of sexual pleasures outside of marriage. This therefore means that those who are Gay cannot enjoy sexual pleasure. The argument that follows is that all pleasure outside of marriage is forbidden in Islam, making it impossible for a Gay person to enjoy any form of sexual activity.

This can be seen from the Islamic legal code, which states that those who fall foul of the law are subjected to lashes, a form of public humiliation, and even capital punishment. The reason for this is that according to the Qur'an Arabic language is God's speech and all who obey are winners. One can therefore see the possible implications of being Gay in such a conservative society. However, there are many positive aspects in this, especially considering that there are no discrimination or crimes against people based on their sexual orientation. There is also a large amount of literature on the impact of sexual orientation on one's life and how it can affect relationships and family life. A recent study which looked at the impact of sexual orientation on mortality rates found that those who have been attracted to the same sex in the early stages of their lives were more likely to marry and have children. However, there was a strong association between being attracted to both genders and a lower number of deaths due to AIDS. It is unclear why this occurs, but the study highlights that being attracted to both genders is not only socially advantageous but also promotes healthy sexual practices between partners. More information on


Another study that looked at the impact of sexual orientation on marriage and divorce rates within Arab countries showed a significant correlation between sexual orientation and related factors such as age, education, social class, ethnicity, and the cultural role of the family in society. While there is no clear reason as to why the sexual relationships of young adults tend to break down rather than lead to stable marriages and divorces, the higher education levels of those who are the same sex may provide a more stable platform for them to enter into a heterosexual married relationship later on. Those with lower educational levels were more likely to experience a fracture in their sexual relationship. This may have been influenced by social pressures within the society. The lack of information and awareness of sexual orientation within Arab societies may lead to a negative stereotyping of those who fall in this category. This may be reinforced by the limited exposure through media and western culture to the greater number of sexual orientations and lifestyles, such as lesbian, gay, and bisexual acceptance. When these individuals are finally exposed to these lifestyles, they often associate them with societal acceptance, but this may actually have the reverse effect by solidifying the societal views against such lifestyles.

Research into the essence of sexuality in Arab countries may provide a missing link in the understanding and promotion of human rights, as well as gender equity. Many argue that Arab nations lag behind when it comes to gender equality and are lagging far behind when it comes to the issues of sexuality. Sexuality has a central role in the lives of many Arab individuals, especially women. Marriage is seen as the foundation of a harmonious life and often follows a long line of family responsibilities. A positive study into the essence of sexuality could help change the negative views of sexual relations and promote greater acceptance and tolerance of the sexual minority.

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