How to pass hair drug test

Among lots of drug test procedures Hair follicle test is one of the most popular ones. Many organizations prefer to go with this test procedure to identify if the candidate is on any drug or not in the last 3 months’ time.

What’s the process to be followed in the test?

In this process, a small amount of hair is taken to check whether the person has consumed drugs in the last three months or not. This test seems to be more effective as this can reveal whether a person has taken the drug for a longer period or not. Normally saliva, urine, or blood test cannot reveal the consumption of drugs for some time. Though the hair folic drug test it is not possible to detect the drug consumed within an hour before the test.

Ways to pass hair folic drug testing

If you are aware of when your drug test will be taken, then you can take precautionary measures. Let’s check the areas about how to pass a hair follicle test for cps.If you know that you have to pass a hair folic drug test in a short period then you should not take weed. The first thing that you can opt for is to detoxification your hair. Though this method is not full proof still it works. Normally there are two methods to pass this test. One is the Macujo method and another one is the Jerry J method.

The process to follow in Macujo Method

  • At first rinse hair thoroughly. Here you can use vinegar on the scalp for detoxification.
  • You can use a shower cap after applying vinegar for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair and use shampoo
  • Clean hair properly

Before the day of your drug test, you can use this method for three times.

Steps to follow for Jerry J method

  • If you regular consumer of weed then stops this habit for at least 10 days before the day of the drug test.
  • Use ammonia-based hair dye and bleach your hair
  • Now use a shampoo that can detoxify your hair and scalp
  • Bleach and dye your hair again one day before the drug test.
  • Take paste of baking soda and apply on your hair on the day of the drug test. Leave hair for 15 minutes and then rinse hair with a detox shampoo. This will clear the drug residues in your hair.

Those above are the tips to follow before the drug test and get passed in the test.
Hope now you are sure what steps you are supposed to take to pass in the hair folic drug test. Follow the mentioned steps strictly to increase your chance of passing.

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