How to write a resume correctly

A job seeker has the difficult task of putting together a self-presentation in such a way that his or her candidacy will interest a potential employer. So a well-written resume is half the battle for the right job.

As a rule, the document should characterize you as a person interested in finding a job. So you should not overload it with unnecessary information.

A new job, a new profession is always a challenge to yourself, a step towards self-development and gaining knowledge and experience. You should not be afraid if you have no work experience. When launching a new project, employers can focus on beginners who are ready to develop and work hard. Show your strengths, your expectations and your willingness to work.

Resume examples how to properly write a resume and sell yourself expensively?

Resume examples

A competently written document increases the chances of being considered. So stick to the basic principles:

  • Conciseness
  • A resume should sell itself.
  • Adapt your resume to your profession
  • Structure your pages according to the Landing type.
  • Use only a business style
  • Literacy
  • Honesty

Do I need to attach a photo?

Most resumes do not include a photo of the applicant. However, we recommend attaching one. It adds personalization to your resume and makes it look impersonal. If you choose to attach a photo, take it professionally, keeping it business-like on a neutral background. There are no strict requirements for the photo, but it shouldn't be a dance photo, from a party, with unthinkable embellishments, too late, etc. Place it at the beginning of your resume.

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