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The labor market is going through tough times, and finding a good job is no longer as easy as it used to be. Therefore, it is very important to write a resume correctly and correctly when looking for a job. After all, before you get to the interview and meet your immediate superiors, a recruiter will read your resume and decide whether you are suitable for work in this company. Therefore, when the resume is ready, check it. It is better to give it to your friends or acquaintances for rechecking. And it will be ideal if you show familiar HRs and ask their opinion. Today we decided to compile a list of the mistakes most often made by job seekers and annoy recruiters and employers. Now you don't have to google "how to fix my resume?"


Different sources interpret the acceptable font size differently - from 8 to 14 sizes. Let's dwell on a reasonable middle, primarily since 80% of resumes are written in 10-12 type Arial or Times New Roman.

A more intricate font can lead to the fact that it will be displayed incorrectly on another computer (for example, at the recruiter's), and the resume will go to the "trash".

The wrong font size also plays a negative role. The recruiter will react negatively to a resume stretched over five sheets in 14 types or to a page filled with a "fraction" of size 6. The text should be not only of a reasonable size but also structured in meaning. Divide it into paragraphs and highlight the main ideas; otherwise, some nuances will be lost or unreadable.


Kill the designer in you if you've never worked in this position. An inadequately "painted" resume is more a minus than a plus. There is no need to use several fonts of different colors on a pink background with blue stripes.

The best option for a resume is to use a maximum of 2 fonts and the same number of variations (bold and italic). Forget about using the CAPITAL LETTERS - it's just a bad idea.

Even for designers and artists, it is more rational to show their talents in the accompanying portfolio than in the resume itself.


We have to repeat that checking the "correctness" before sending is not desirable but mandatory, regardless of whether you are a young professional or an experienced leader. Take the time to check for errors and typos. Then you don't have to blush for your mistakes.

Who do you think the employer representative imagines when reading the above mistakes? A "responsible" and punctual employee or a sloppy and careless "salary applicant"?


There are two rules for a resume sent to a company.

  1. If you are not applying for a position related to the responsibility of "being the face of the company", or there is no request for a resume with a photo in the vacancy. Then send your resume without a picture. You won't be mistaken. I still don't understand why programmers sometimes send a resume with a photo.
  2. If necessary, then a photo must be taken in a professional studio and be of good quality. You need to control the size of the resulting file, as in some companies, there is a limit on the size of incoming messages.

Women's attention! Important info for you. As soon as you change your image, you need to change the photo in your resume the next day.

Taboo is:

  1. photo against the background of the carpet (still exist, believe me)
  2. photo against the background of curtains, floral wallpaper
  3. photo in a cafe with a languid look
  4. photos from themed costume parties in feathers or rhinestones
  5. photo on the beach or against the background of the Eiffel Tower
  6. "cut" pieces of photos from corporate events and just from group photos

A resume is not an essay about your own life, not a page on social networks. This is a business document, first of all. 

Otherwise, you will search all the time in Google "fix my resume". Checking your resume for compliance with generally accepted norms will take a little time, but it will be of undoubted benefit.

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