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New Forces website under development

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New Forces website under development

Postby admin » Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:27 am

This new forum gives a first impression of the look-and-feel of the new revamped Forces website that is under development for a couple of months now. The base color for the new website is clearly 'tobacco-brown'. :D

The new version of the website will have lots of improvements:

  1. Enhanced search facilities, supporting unique string search ("John Smith"), + and - signs to force or exclude words from the search and, in the Scientific Portal, to search in table fields like title, author and/or full text
  2. Many more documents included in the search operations
  3. Sidewide search
  4. Uniform layout of *all* web pages
  5. Easier navigation
  6. New URL call scheme, searchbot enhanced for higher search engine ratings
  7. Upward compatibility with the old URL calls so links to web pages stay valid
  8. Higher security
  9. Context sensitive submenus
About 70% of the current website's content is already accessible in the new one at the moment. So we expect to have the new Forces website live within three months and hope that all our information will be easier to access and navigate.

The new website will also be run from a new, double CPU server which hopefully will result in a better performance.

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