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Re: Participation

Postby LightningBoy » Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:53 am

Three years after my post on the subject of participation above, and the lack of organization is still the issue that prevents us from moving forward in any meaningful way.
Organization from the Anti's side is a natural progression of everything fraudulent every time some new 'study" is released.
ASH, CFTFK, ACS, ALA, or AHA will underwrite the cost of some "new" information being disseminated for public consumption, and the other alphabet groups will follow suit with their own individual spin and propagate the information out to their own constituents with a significant amount of overlap among those followers who hungrily digest the latest "proof" of cause, no matter how hillariously questionable it may be.
Those followers will then spin that info out to lesser "smoke free" membership lists and abrcadabra, ..that "news" is now in the media spotlight simply by virtue of it's widespread dissemination and being an unofficial "talking point" among the Anti minion.

Clearly, we don't have the money to buy and distribute press releases on a regular basis.
BUT, ...
We have many bloggers, writers, authors etc who routinely put out good information almost on a daily basis.
The problem is that we're all typically talking about different aspects of the same problem.
We're not all on the same page at the same time discussing the same "news".
This is where we fail.
If we're going to be active enough to put our thoughts "out there" for general consumption, then I believe we could only help ouselves by having as many authors, bloggers, writers, speakers and general vocal activists all focusing on the same issue at the same time.
Some aspects of Smoking bans are more important than others, just as some aspects of the general assault on liberty are more visable than others. All aspects of these and other issues should be addressed, but not all at the same time, and not from a single point of view. One issue at a time, addressed with an overwhelming amount of information, and/or criticism, and/or praise from as many different points of view as possible, but only on the one subject at a time. I believe this will gain more interest in the message overall.
This will help to basically crush these Anti- press release's and self-promoted "victories" with a "web-wide" rebuttal that will cover nearl every angle in response.

Organization and participation remains our biggest hurdle.
"I would rather suffer the inconveniences attending to much liberty, than those attending too small a degree of it" - Thomas Jefferson
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Re: Participation

Postby richlady248 » Wed Aug 24, 2011 6:15 pm

LB, your blog is super!

Clearly, we don't have the money ...

In that effective political speech in our society requires a great deal of money, and since tobacco manufacturers would be our most likely donors [just as gun manufacturers as the prime funders of "grass roots" gun groups], thoughts on:

(1) The Master Settlement Act violates the First Amendment rights of smokers:

(2) Anti-smoking pressure that intimidates smokers from seeking monetary help of the industry also violates First Amendment (de facto?... but if these antismoking efforts are taxpayer funded... de jure?)

LB, as for organization, our inability to get it together in that regard, as for me, this is the very bain of my existence.
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