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No longer the Guilty Smoker.

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No longer the Guilty Smoker.

Postby Scott » Sun Jan 27, 2008 3:00 am

I have learned so much from this site. Amazing!!!

I have learned that smoking is not to be feared but it has many benefits. Am I right?

I have been lied to for so long. Every time I would light up I would feel bad about doing it. The more I read here and other links the more I realize I have been misguided. I am beginning to light up with confidence. I feel good about it now! Knowing the truth about smoking is great. I cant tell you how much of a lift it is to me.

If some of you non posters see this and feel the same way let everybody know. It was a great relief to me to find this place and it should be for you.

For those of you who post alot (I have spoken to some of you. Thank you for the welcome) Please reinforce my new view on smoking and health. "Its really not bad in fact it has many benefits"

The health issues are the most important to me now. Especially the positive ones. Once I am on firm footing here I will be ready to branch out. In fact I have a few ideas.

I want the thank all of you that contribute. All of you have taught me alot.



BTW I Have been smoking for 25 years if that matters?
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Postby Harlow » Sun Jan 27, 2008 7:26 am

Welcome Scott. We are so glad to have you join us. I'm a 50 year smoker and in perfect health.
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Postby gary k » Sun Jan 27, 2008 7:42 am

"BTW I Have been smoking for 25 years if that matters?"

It helps!

Smokers have a 50% less risk of Alzheimer's and a 73% less risk for Parkinson's Disease. :shock:

Graves' pooled reanalysis found, "A statistically significant inverse relation between smoking and Alzheimer's disease was observed at all levels of analysis, with a trend towards decreasing risk with increasing consumption.

Compared to people who had never smoked and were considered to have "normal" Parkinson's disease risk, former smokers had a 22-percent lower risk of Parkinson's disease and "current smokers had a 73-percent lower risk. "
Concerning the 'Whitehall and the MRFIT studies'

Professor Burch, in a letter to the British Medical Journal (March 1985) pointed out that in these two studies:

In the low smoking intervention groups 56 cases of lung cancer were recorded in a total starting population of 7,142 men (0.78%); the corresponding number for the more heavily smoking normal care groups being 53 in 7,169 (0.74%).

Findings for cancer other than those of the lung were even more surprising.

Some 88 cases (1.23%) were recorded in the low smoking intervention groups, but only 60 cases (0.84%) in the normal care groups. Thus in the category 'all cancers' there were 144 cases (2.02%) in the intervention groups but 113 cases (1.58%) in the more heavily smoking normal care groups.

:D Reduced levels of smoking were associated with increases in cancer incidence.
gary k
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Postby Phil Williams » Sun Jan 27, 2008 9:32 am

Hi Scot, welcome to Forces.
I can't speak for everyone in the world, but I'm 41 and have been a heavy smoker for 23 yrs. I also drink beer by the bucket load and eat nothing but junk. I do everything I'm told I shouldn't and yet I'm never ill, I'm fit and active and still have a full head of hair.
I can't say that smoking has caused my good health, but it certainly hasn't harmed it. And looking at my smoking friends they are in pretty much the same healthy condition.
But then look at many of the anti smokers, and you will see a bunch of sickly, hypocondriacs that get ill from even the slightest percieved (and often illusory) risk.
It seems all too clear that those that spread the lies about smoking risks are the very people that need to be persecuted for their burden on society.
If we won the war, why are we ruled by nazis?
Phil Williams
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Postby DancingTigerBait » Sun Jan 27, 2008 10:14 am

Hi, Scott. ;-)

Great to see you make an official showing and welcome here!

I struggled with myself about reply for fear of sounding "preachy" but some of your comments really bring the point home. I think you already know this intuitively, but I would like to actually print it out just as a reminder.

One of the things about smoking--and I strongly suspect passive smoking--is that it is often used as a stress reliever. There is something in tobacco that really does stimulate the "pleasure centers" in the brain, the 1964 Surgeon General's report also shows that moderate smoking is generally beneficial, Fisher's comments on the Hill/Doll study show how tobacco might be used in some instances as "self-medication" due to its soothing tendencies, and many other academic reports shed light on the same phenomenon. However, there are more obvious (common sense) illustrations. People who have a glass of red wine after work to "unwind" tend to be in better health, but we all know that alcohol abuse is unhealthy. It's the same with tobacco: as long as you actually enjoy it, then its probably doing you some good. On the other hand, we can often gage our stress levels when we realize that we're "smoking too much" during difficult times, such as trying to meet a deadline or waiting for news of a loved one in the hospital. In other words, we know when we' use smoking as an unhealthy crutch and, then, maybe rationalize an addiction to the substance and ritual of smoking. In other words, you’ll probably know when you’re merely rationalizing and when you’re looking at actual facts because you’re a thinking person with the ability to discern, LOL!

I also encourage you to remember that you’ve probably been feeling guilty because you thought you were harming yourself and others. The very fact that you care that much should tell you that you’re not a bad person. You’ve probably also known for some time that your tobacco taxes have been paying for a great many social and academic programs, although we tend to object when our taxes pay for frivolous programs or simply to line politicians pockets. I would bet that there are nonsmoking areas where you’ve been generous, too. There are some people who are uncaring if not downright abusive and, of those people, some smoke and some don’t. You are not among those people and have good reason to leave any sense of guilt behind. I don’t say this to flatter but, again, as a reminder that there’s no good reason for self-condemnation.

Finally, people who smoke are often bombarded with sick images and messages of impending doom until they quit—and then they’re told that being ex-smokers still isn’t good enough because you should be a never-smoker! Those nasty images are both misleading and dangerous. People who smoke don’t always get so-called “tobacco-related” diseases and people who don’t smoke often do; so, those sick images can apply to anybody. Constantly surrounding yourself with negative thoughts and images does tend to have a detrimental effect. It’s known as the “witch doctor effect”, the “hex effect”, and/or a “psychological curse”.

I still struggle with whether or not this sounds preachy. Even so, I think it's all-too-important to alleviate guilt because that guilt really can do a great deal of harm in too many ways. Here's the secret: when you're ready to quit, you will--for your own reasons and without nicotine patches. Whether or not you choose to stop smoking, you’re not alone. However, I do encourage you to be careful if you’ve been smoking for many years; a sudden change to your physical system and routines should not be taken lightly. You’ve been smoking for many years without incident and that should tell you something; don’t let the guilt or barrage of unhealthy messages. The sense of relief that you’ve described is truly a good thing.

Here are a few links:
Smoker's Paradoxes (goodforyou.html )
Longevity and Nicotine Facts (smoke.html )
Smokers versus Antismokers ( about halfway down the page, and more from )
And a little more star gazing to see the “effects” of smoking ( )
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Postby chuckles » Sun Jan 27, 2008 12:26 pm

welcome Scott your story is similar to mine though fortunately never believed the ETS scam- but believed active smoking was unhealthy and regretted it.
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Postby gary k » Sun Jan 27, 2008 7:50 pm

Do not be BS'd by the antis,they lie!!!

Antis and those that believe like them love to proclaim far and wide that the majority of non-smokers hate SHS and devoutly would prefer smoking bans.

Only in their own pompous,vainglorious,power hungry minds are the majority of non-smokers like them. They think it is so;therefore,it 'MUST' be true!!

In states where bans have been on the ballot, about 75% of the non-smokers do not care enough about SHS to register and vote for a ban.

Of those non-smokers that are registered to vote, about 62% of them do not care enough about SHS to vote for a ban.

Antis love to rant and rave about smokers being only a small minority of the total adult population.

Counting cigar smokers(3%) and pipe smokers(1%) with the 21% of adults that are cigarette smokers, we find that smokers are 25% of the adult population.

Non-smokers are about only 75% of the adults and antis are only 25% of that number or about only 19% of the total adult population.

Gary K.

States where the people voted on a smoking ban and the results:

NEVADA 2006 'Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act'

Non-smoking adults = 1,448,375

Non-smoking registered voters= 771,040

Voted 'Yes' on the NCIAA = 310,524

310,524 is 40% of the non-smoking registered voters

310,524 is 21% of the non-smoking adults

ARIZONA 2006 Prop.201

Non-smoking adults =3,712,419

Non-smoking registered voters = 2,146,889

Voted 'Yes' on Prop.201 = 623,770

623,770 is 29% of the non-smoking registered voters

623,770 is 17% of the non-smoking adults


OHIO 2006 Issue 5

Non-smoking adults = 6,681,360

Non-smoking registered voters = 6,099,360

Voted ' Yes' on Issue 5 = 2,234,528

2,234,528 is 37% of the non-smoking registered voters

2,234,528 is 33.4% of the non-smoking adults


FLORIDA 2002 Question 6

Non-smoking adults = 11,091,600

Non-smoking registered voters = 7,348,864

Voted 'Yes' on Question 6 = 3,501,161

3,501,161 is 47.6% of the non-smoking registered voters

3,501,161 is 31.6% of the non-smoking adults

The four state average for voting 'Yes' on smoking ban laws is only 38.4% of the non-smoking registered voters and only 26% of the non-smoking adults!!!



Smoking Rates: ... d=80&cat=2

State Results: ... 02&DATAMOD ... index.html ... s2006.aspx ... ummary.asp ... N=POLITICS
gary k
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Postby Scott » Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:42 pm

Harlow---So is my mother ans she still thiks it may be harmful even after all these years.

Gary---Well, from all I have been reading it must help. Thanks for the link to your site. I really enjoyed reading the first page. It's not like there is only one study to support the benefits of smoking. There seem to be tons of them to support the fact.

We do not have a smoking ban yet but when they do try to do something as crazy as this I will be one of the first in line to vote against it.

Phil---I know exactly what you are talking about. I never seem to have sick days either.I think in the past two years I have had 4. However, on two of those days I wasnt really sick I was just playing hooky. Don't tell.

DancingTigerBait---I agree that anything in excess is unhealthy. Even in light od all I have been taught this week I am not going to start smoking an EXTRA 10 cigarettes a day. That would be excess for me maybe not others. However, because of the fear that the antis spread, my wife and I switched to light brands some years ago. You know this week we both got cartons of our former brands.

I know what you mean about the psychologial curse. You spend so much of your time worring about something that it actually happens. It is just sickwhat the antis are doing to innocent smokers. In fact I think its dangerous.

I understand your point and it is a very good one. Don't think there will be any sudden change in my physical system or routines.

I love your quote "You've been smoking for many years without incident and that should tell you somthing." So much truth and common sense. Oh the link showing the smokers and the anti's was funny.

Chuckles---I have also regrets believing all the antis junk about active smkoing and to some extent the passive(because of kids) for such a long time. What a waste of time and energy. But you know today is a new day.

Thank you all for reinforcing my new found belief on smoking and health. It all makes so much sense. Plus my cigarettes taste

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Postby chuckles » Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:41 pm

same here when I discovered Forces!
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