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Hello and Greetings to All

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Hello and Greetings to All

Postby varla_pcat » Tue Jan 09, 2007 9:43 am

Hi everyone -

Thank you Maryetta for allowing me to be here! Hello to all of you I know and big friendly hello to new people that I'm looking forward to meeting. I'm frequently on the Speakeasy forum, as varla_pussycat but shortened my username for a few not very important reasons. But anyway, I really happy to be here

:D !

It's very comforting to me that there's a place like the Tavern where we can all congregate and discuss smoking rights, bans and our frustrations about the negative treatment and outright discrimination we are facing. Call me optimistic but I DO VERY MUCH believe that we can fight this and win! And the fact that there's a lot of people coming to places like this and Speakeasy just proves it!

I'm going to have to be brief here but will contribute more a bit later, as I'm at work now and have to run to a meeting :wink: . So, have a terrific day and I look forward to meeting many of you later.

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Re: Hello and Greetings to All

Postby jsmith15686 » Wed Sep 30, 2009 5:20 am

hi everyone....
i m john smith form canada, thanks for accepting me here in this site n allowing me to introduce my self here this is mmy pleasure to share my problems n other ideas also n i can take different suggestion from all of u .

thank u again all of u.
huiles essentielles
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