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Hello Everyone *Need Your Help*

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Hello Everyone *Need Your Help*

Postby aneumann07 » Thu May 13, 2010 7:07 pm

I hate to ask this of you guys, but I'm a member of Dip Nation, a forum for dippers and it's come under direct attack over the past few days from Anti-Tobacco supporters...they've been harassing us and spreading lies all over the forums. I've been standing my ground with them and one of them even swiped my identity and they've been ganging up on me hard and even accusing me of being a bad mother because I dip. If anyone would like to join Dip Nation and help us put these awful people in their place, please do! I closed a couple of the discussions because they were getting carried away with it, but they'll keep trolling for more posts to ruin.

Here's a link to some of the crap we've been putting up with: ... 3#comments

*Note, I was skoal_girl01 but changed to Grizz_girl07. Buddy, an anti, took my name and swiped my picture off my profile and starting playing identity wars with me because I put him in his place. It's sick and they're running people off our site because nobody wants to put up with this. We don't go to their sites! I understand if you guys don't want to be apart of this drama, but if you want to help, please do!
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Re: Hello Everyone *Need Your Help*

Postby WinstonSmith » Fri May 14, 2010 11:13 pm

Well, that link doesn't work unless you're a member. I signed up just for the Hell of it, but I couldn't see where a big conflict had broken out on the discussion forum.

It's certainly not cool for them to steal your identity and use your picture. Other than that, no kidding, I'd just battle it out with them. Keeps the forum active, if nothing else. If they want to dole the rope out by acting like fools, hang 'em with it.
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