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beachsmoker was here

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beachsmoker was here

Postby beachsmoker » Thu Sep 04, 2008 10:20 pm

Hi all, felt this was the right place to drop a line. I've been swamped for the last year.5 with work and travel. And, its not getting any better - in fact worse. All I do is eat, work, sleep, repeat. In fact, I'm currently on "vacation" but haven't quit running errands and doing all the things I should have been doing for the last 1.5 yrs - got my hair cut off yeasterday "a whole foot" as my nodding neighbor put it. :-) And, in 1.5 weeks, we've gone out to eat...once. Sad. Vacation is turning into a tragicomedy (comitragedy?) - had to cancel trip because of Hanna aimed at us, now Ike may wipe us off map, cat got sick, water heater broke, windy and rainy for a whole week with flood waters in my ocean filled with chemicals and now rip currents so I can't even enjoy my beach or my ocean. Oh well, such is life - at least the 28" of rain we got from Fay we only got a little leakage but didn't fully flood us unlike many other unlucky souls arond here! :-)

Not an excuse, just an explaination.

So, wanted to let you know I miss ya'll and try to get in for a quick read every once in a while. Today it said had 325 topics I hadn't yet read here on FORCES - and probably won't read. But, some day my life will slow down I can become an active member again! Keep up the GREAT work! I'll be back soon!!! Many thanks...

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Postby Harlow » Sun Sep 07, 2008 3:43 am

Good to hear from you, beachsmoker. Florida sounds like a nightmare and a friend of mine says she is fed up with it, having to boil water, etc. Hope your life settles down soon. Incidentally, stay out of Hampton Inns - they don't change sheets between guests. And their smoke-free rooms stink!
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