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Tobacco control: are we appropriately training future profes

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Tobacco control: are we appropriately training future profes

Postby Maryetta » Sun Feb 04, 2007 12:12 pm

Need we continue to wonder if Education of the Citizen is important? Almost every University in the US if not the world is having discussions such as this - with no counter alternative to this what do you see as the future?

Will you support the Multi Media Project?


Title: Tobacco control: are we appropriately training future professionals?
Authors: Soto Mas, Francisco
Alberola, Julia Valderrama
Brogger, Jan
Hsu, Chiehwen Ed
Type: Article
Keywords: Tobacco Cessation
Health Informatics
Survey Research
Issue Date: Apr-2005
Publisher: American Journal of Health Studies.
Citation: Soto Mas F, Valderrama J, Brogger J, Hsu CE. Tobacco Control: Are We Appropriately Training Future Health Professionals? American Journal of Health Studies, 2005; 20 (2): 115-123.
Abstract: Information on how health professionals perceive tobacco use as well as their attitudes toward tobacco control is scarce. This study assessed the attitudes and perceptions of public health students toward tobacco use and tobacco control, which constitutes a necessary first step in designing effective training strategies. Although the majority of respondents agreed that tobacco use constitutes a relevant public health problem, they did not perceive tobacco control to be a public health priority. Academic institutions may not be properly training public health students, and may therefore be missing the opportunity to advance tobacco control at the national and global levels.
Description: ... 0152885719
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