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EXTRA - EU Antitobacco's Closed-door 'Visibility'

21st March 2008
The antismoking scum of the EU Commission's Impact Assessment are marionettes of the pharmaceutical multinationals. You must read this incredible story from Simon Clark to realize the astounding level of prostitution and fraudulent contempt of democracy the antitobacco trash is capable of.

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When Simon Clark (of the British smokers' rights organization FOREST) opened the door into the room where the EU Commission's Impact Assessment meeting was held (we debunked the Commission's slapstick official report a few days ago), he found the room stunk like a locked vault of malodorous pharmaceuticals. Pfizer, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline: they were all there to tell the Eurocrats what to do, how to lie to the people on the effects of tobacco on health, how to trump on rights and on consumers through fraud, hatred, propaganda and prohibition, that today goes under the euphemism of regulation. The stench of pharmaceuticals, and fascism, could only have grown, when the door was closed again, on Simon Clark. The fascisti refused to continue their ostensibly "transparent" discussions on public policy until Clark was removed.

FOREST has taken part in similar tobacco policy conclaves affecting Great Britain and Europe. Clark and his staff were invited to other meetings and exhibitions at this recent convention, but not (until Clark found out about it through the grapevine) to this meeting, a so-called "stakeholder consultation on Commission smoke-free initiatives." When Clark heard about plans for this meeting, he wrote the Directorate-General, wondering why no invitation had been received, given that FOREST was meant to represent consumers, clearly "stakeholders" in public policy. Belated invitation came in the D-G's reply: "Please accept my apologies for this oversight. You will find enclosed the background document and the agenda of the meeting. Could you kindly confirm who will represent Forest at this meeting?"

So he came, to the apparent surprise, of others at the table. Demands that he leave the room were straightaway voiced by several of the imperious stakeholders. The hostility, and that planned discussions would turn mum in the presence of a smokers' rights representative, was obvious. The moderator suggested the "compromise" that Clark remove himself from the meeting, but return after discussions had taken place, to make a simple statement of FOREST's position.

Clark, realizing the secret discussions would only be rescheduled otherwise out of his ear-shot if he refused the compromise, shrugged and went along. Out the door he went. The fascists conspired. Not all of them remained when Clark was accepted back into the room, to make his statement, which was limited to 15 minutes including questions and responses. He briefly stated his case on the human rights of smokers, and addressed the faulty "lifestyle epidemiology" on ETS, which heresy provoked demand for an apology, from a woman who boasted that she had a degree from Harvard. She got no apology from Simon Clark. The "free and open discussion" was over.

Simon Clark tells us he has chosen to laugh about this Healthist charade in preference to raging at it. We can well understand but the lesson is clearer than ever it has been. The criminal force of antitobacco must be met with righteous force to be defeated. Clark notes that even a representative of the hospitality industry at the meeting did not protest FOREST's disgraceful treatment. Clark, as he says, "tackled" this weakling when the sordid show was over. Clark implored that FOREST represented consumers including the hospitality industry's customer base. Why had this fellow not spoken up for Clark at the meeting? The sick response: "I felt uncomfortable but it wasn't my meeting." What a pathetic capitulation. Smoker haters and Big Pharma believe that they are the only "stakeholders" who matter regarding public policy. The hospitality representative, in his cowardly acquiescence, effectively endorses the sole supremacy of the fascist elite.

This kind of sick subjection must end! The tyrannical pharmaceutical-cum-bureaucratic machine of Tobacco Control must be destroyed with whatever it takes: economic boycott of its lackeys (including any and all hospitality venues that enforce smoker bans), street demonstrations, lawsuits, social turmoil. Most of all it is necessary to deny to the bureaucratic marionettes the one and only thing they care for, having lost any sense of democracy, liberty, or decency: OBEDIENCE. Like all fascist entities, tobacco control does not care about your respect, and it does not even really care whether you believe its lies or not: all it cares is that you obey, so that it can further misrepresent your obedience as agreement with its rotten political agenda.

That is why obedience must be denied to these bastards. With disobedience must come delivery of as much political and economic damage as possible. Remember: whining, e-mails, petitions, and complaints by consumers and citizens are received by these narcissistic tyrants with absolute contempt. Likewise, the bankruptcies and unemployment they cause, mean absolutely nothing to them, and they are contemtuous most of all, of civility, and truth. They are corrupt and they are vicious. These are empowered bureaucrats paid with public money to forward colossal private interests. They have, first of all, to abide by their fanatical ideology justified with epidemiological fraud, and then they have to create markets for the big pharmaceutical multinationals that direct the use of public resources to promote their products. Those are their duties and functions in this current, appalling reality.

It is becoming every day clearer that there is a pressing need to consolidate the forces of liberty and choice so as to create a powerful political and social alliance with adequate means to destroy the corruption of “public health” institutions at the roots. There can be no half-measures. There can be no "compromise" with empowered fanatics. It is clear that the “public health” bastards and their pharmaceutical masters do not want to talk to the citizens and the consumers, because they have declared open war on them while babbling about “helping them” to behave as they never wanted to behave.

It is high time to stop trying to talk with them. It’s a waste of time — time that must be used instead to get organized for the purpose of their ideological and political destruction, and their subsequent punishment. Organized crime — whether its meetings are held in back rooms or in luxurious corporate or government-sponsored board rooms — rules as long as people are cowardly. Find your courage. Oppression ends when the people decide to put an end to it. The costs of battle are very small compared to the value of social dignity, individual integrity and sovereignty, civility, and freedom. Smokers, fight now, or cede your economic and social survival. Fear and apathy are pathetic human characteristics. Are you fearful? Then just how far are you willing to let them go? Remember that they will not stop any more than Hitler would have stopped, but Hitler was stopped, and so can they be.

Link to Simon Clark's original report on the corrupt EU Commision meeting: (Article) (stored version)

Link to Clark's follow-up report regarding his belated invitation to the meeting: (Article) (stored version)

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