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FORCES International
12th November 2007

Those who are involved in the fight against tobacco prohibition and against smoking bans know that the dangers of passive smoking are a fantastic exaggeration and fraud.


We are therefore glad to re-introduce to our readers the multimedia version of:

PASSIVE SMOKING: An Institutional Problem – Fabricated Risks Attributed to Passive Smoking

The majority of people, however, are not be fully aware of the absurd mechanisms by which imaginary numbers are created that are supposed to indicate a risk, and from which “deaths” are then extrapolated. Many bright folks who intuitively reject hysterical notions about passive smoking are at the same time insecure about their “qualifications” to “understand” the technicalities and extent of this epidemiological scam so – very much like those on the other side who “hate” smoking and “believe in” the health authorities – these common-sense doubters make an “act of faith” in trusting those who say that the purported dangers of passive smoking are demonstrably bogus.

In reality, it does not take any particular qualification. In this audio-video file that lasts only 13 minutes, everyone can understand the incredible level of incompetence of politicians and bureaucrats, but especially the profound corruption of the health “authorities” who push prohibition and segregation while they are fully aware that any and all studies on ETS are a scam – regardless of their results.

This scam is alienating our culture from the foundations. A good observer who compares today’s arguments of the “pro-smoking” side with those of, say, ten years ago, can notice the shift: today the argument is where to forbid smoking – in the car, house or street, in the presence of this or that – rather than whether to forbid it at all. This is because the false belief that passive smoking harms adults and children has inched its way into the culture, and thus in the opposition to public smoking prohibition too.

In reality there is absolutely and positively NO demonstration whatsoever - or even indication - that Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) harms anyone in the least.

There are many who believe that there are “two” sciences: the “smokers’ science” that denies the dangers and the “antis' science” that says that the dangers exist. So they look for the studies that “prove” that there is less or no danger to flaunt these against those who contend "proof" that there is danger.

That is wrong.

There is only one “science” -- and that science is total junk.
In fact, it is no science at all.

In this short documentary we show you how and why, so you can have a better understanding of your position when you defend the right to smoke – and also a better perspective on the tremendous injustice you are a victim of when you have to step out into the cold to have a cigarette. You will be even more aware of the institutional corruption of the “authorities” to which mass-media profusely cater to fight a war that is indeed ideological, but that it is certainly NOT based on any science.

Nobody has ever died of ETS exposure and nobody ever will. With this documentary you will have the means to educate others and explain the fraud, so that others in turn will educate more people. It is the only way, as sold-out mass media would never denounce health authorities on the basis of the antismoking scam.

The copyright on this documentary is waived, and the files are made available:

·     In our multimedia section (link to the file here);

·     As a downloadable in medium resolution Wmv format (medium image, 12 Mb) for posting on Windows  platform  websites  with or without streaming, or  to play on the PC;

·     As a downloadable in higher resolution Wmv format (large image, 35 Mb) for CD use or to play on your PC;

·     As a medium resolution Flash Video file  (medium image, 22 Mb), to post on web sites that are equipped with video streaming;

·     As an mp3 sound file only (click to play, right-click to save);

·     As a printable PDF document.

Please download and distribute “Passive Smoking: An Institutional Problem” to friends, co-fighters, reporters, and your local politicians - especially if you still are in an antismoking-free area. In “public health” language: one ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

For those who loathe smoking, we close this presentation with the closing statement of the documentary: if you are willing to support an institutional fraud because you "don’t like smoking," what does that make you?

FORCES is supported solely by the efforts of the readers. Please become a member or donate what you can.

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