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Injustice in the UK

27th February 2010
Defiant UK hero Nick Hogan has been found guilty on  four counts of "allowing people to smoke" and sentenced to six months in prison.
Nick Hogan refused to comply with the UK's smoking ban. As a result, he lost the two pubs that he owned and was fined £3,000 and ordered to pay over £7,000 in costs. He then appealed, and was ordered to pay an additional £1,000.

Mr. Hogan, ever defiant, refused to pay anything.* He has now been sentenced to six months in jail. His "crime": refusing to act as a law enforcement official and allowing people to smoke in his pub.

"Velvet Glove, Iron Fist" author Christopher Snowdon puts Mr. Hogan's unjust sentence into perspective by noting for comparison the punishments (or lack thereof) received by real UK criminals.

Mr. Hogan, however, was charged with a non-crime: four counts of "allowing people to smoke".**

More details on this travesty are available at the article linked below.

Our thoughts and prayers here at FORCES go out to Mr. Hogan and his family at this difficult time.

(For  perspective on the larger implications of this development,  please see this previous report on the EU's plans to dish out similar injustice for anyone who fails to comply with their anti-smoking pogrom.)

*CORRECTION: The UK's Daily Mail reported in its February 27 article that "the married father-of-two [Mr. Hogan] refused to pay the fine".

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