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Snowdon / Goerlitz

25th September 2009
Velvet Glove, Iron Fist author Christopher Snowdon interviews cigarette advertising model David Goerlitz.

We here present the collected interview segments which are available in eleven parts at YouTube. David Goerlitz, called the “Winston man,” came to feel guilty about promoting cigarettes. He felt he was influencing children wrongly. He came to despise crass Big Tobacco executives. He began lecturing kids in schools about avoiding tobacco. He became a darling of the antitobacco movers and shakers. Then he came to see these prohibitionists for the essentially greedy, fanatical, and immoral snakes that they are. He says he was naïve. He still is. Otherwise he would condemn the modern eugenicists with greater passion than is revealed in this interview. We applaud David Goerlitz for waking up. We invite him fully to appreciate the smell of the coffee.

The full interview, integrating the eleven original segments, runs about an hour and a quarter. It’s a good listen. The segments are described:

1.) On Joing Tobacco Control – David Goerlitz has worked in tobacco prevention for 21 years since quitting as the 'Winston Man'. In this interview he talks to Christopher Snowdon (author of Velvet Glove, Iron Fist) about the corruption of the anti-smoking movement.

2.) On the Corruption of Tobacco Control – Discussion of the US Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement and other aspects of corruption in the tobacco control movement.

3.) Where Did the Money Go –  Former Winston man David Goerlitz talks about how billions of dollars were misspent by US governors and the anti-smoking movement.

4.) On Smoking Bans – Smoking bans, junk science, and anti-smoking extremism.

5.) On Junk Science –  Tobacco prevention expert David Goerlitz talks about junk science, Michael Siegel, and secondhand smoke.

6.) On Prohibition – David Goerlitz talks to Christopher Snowdon about being dropped from a tobacco program for being a 'former addict' and explains why prohibition will never work.

7.) On Personalities – David Goerlitz gives his frank views about the leading anti-smoking personalities he has worked with in the last two decades, including John Banzhaf (Action on Smoking and Health) and Simon Chapman (Tobacco Control journal).

8.) On Being Asked to Lie – As the first tobacco industry 'defector,' Goerlitz gave his testimony in numerous triais and depositions against the tobacco industry. Here, he talks about being asked to lie by lawyers who were hoping to get rich from the downfall of the industry.

9.) An Anti-smoking Event – In the early 1990s, an anti-smoking group organised a celebrity tennis match to raise awareness. It didn't quite work out as planned.

10.) Coming Full Circle – David Goerlitz talks about how he will no longer work in the anti-smoking movement as it is defined by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and other groups who have 'lied from the get-go.'

11.) Final Thoughts – David Goerlitz, former Winston man and long-standing anti-tobacco spokesman, ends his interview with Christopher Snowdon with some final thoughts.


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