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'They just have to die'

1st August 2009
Here's a stomach-churner we decided shouldn't wait till after our news page summer break.
Jane DeVille-Almond, Healthist paragon of Great Britain, proclaimed her prescription for the “care” of tobacco smokers on live radio in June. Smokers who have not accepted Healthist doctrine that they must abstain always and forever simply are not worth any trouble or
expense or care. So says adorable Jane. She cites the example of smokers with heart disease. They deserve their disease. They deserve no sympathy. They deserve no treatment.

Pressed by her interviewer as to exactly what this means for these people, sweet Jane flinches not, but speaks plainly: “They just have
to die.”

Of course she doesn’t have to flinch. She’s politically correct. She is a paragon, a trainer of “health care” personnel for many years, a Director of nationally recognized “health” foundations, a true voice of the medical profession and its truest conviction. Smokers just
have to die. They have to be fleeced and humiliated first and then simply laughed at when they die. That’s what the “caring” profession thinks. That’s been plain for a long time, to us, and to a lot of folks, though surely not to enough folks. If you hadn’t got wise to this by now, please do, right away.

Incidentally, the main focus of Jane DeVille-Almond’s “care” is not smokers, but rather those who are overweight, the fat guys in
particular. Undoubtedly Jane, the lovely and slim gal, has divined the Final Solution for fat men too, very simple and effective: once all
that nasty hairy flesh gets put six feet under it decomposes on its own!

One fine day the world may be populated exclusively by a Master Race of Jane DeVille-Almond clones. We suppose that’s what she’s shooting for anyway. Of course, there are those who find her not in the least sweet, lovely, or adorable. A few perspectives below.


Jane DeVille-Almond in her own words

The caring gal's self-portrait [stored]

Comments from Colin Grainger of Freedom to Choose [stored]

Another very plain (yet well-justified) critique from blogger Dick Puddlecote [stored]

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