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Ramada Hotels Stink

C.P. Rylander
8th April 2009
Evidently they never clean them.
At any rate, after a guest was caught smoking a single cigarette in his room, he was told this would necessitate cleaning the room at a cost to him of £100. In our opinion cleaning hotel rooms should be routine. If Ramada doesn’t have such a routine that’s a good reason to stay away from their filthy hotels. In our opinion smokers are not items of excessive filth. Since Ramada thinks otherwise that’s an even better reason to boycott the Fascists.

Fascists they are. The Ramada Plaza Hotel, of Southport, in northwest England, has chosen to deny all accommodation to smokers. Ninety-six year old Cyril Carter, who fought the original Nazis, was not told of the Hitlerian policy, and did not notice the swastika-like no-smoking sign in his room. He lit up a Woodbine, as he’s been doing since 1926, and thereby incurred the £100 extortion. Hotel staff barred him from leaving till he paid up.

If it weren’t for warriors like Cyril Carter the folks at Ramada would be operating under orders from Berlin today. Apparently it would be all the same to them. It isn’t to us. Perhaps not all Ramada hotels, across the globe, believe in the ideology of de-normalization and victimization. One’s enough though. Boycott them all.

Our sister organization Freedom to Choose is chipping in to reimburse this victim of the brownshirts at Ramada. Cheers to them, and to Mister Carter, and a full-blown American Bronx cheer to Ramada hotels everywhere.

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