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The Charlatan in Chief

1st December 2008
Christopher Snowdon finds a skeleton in Stanton Glantz’s closet.
Stanton Glantz proffers himself as a “doctor of medicine.”  Now, never ask, because he cannot write you a 'scrip. As a matter of fact his experience with tongue depressors is strictly nil. Stanton is trained as a mechanical engineer. Since the heart is mechanical, a pump, this smoker hater of long standing was provided a sham “fellowship in cardiology” by prohibitionist academia. The “dokta” now brings megabucks in antitobacco research grants to his alma mater, the University of California.

Historian Chris Snowdon describes, at the linked article, an early publication by Glantz in which the freshly counterfeited medicine man criticized the weaknesses of “lifestyle epidemiology.” Glantz ignores this early work in his current curriculum vitae for good reason. Its criticisms in themselves debunk his entire subsequent career of scaremongering.

Mister Snowdon has made an amusing find in Glantz’s old article. This simply provides emphasis to what FORCES readers have always known. Stanton Glantz is, as journalist Steven Milloy has described him, “a shameless say-anything, do-anything anti-smoking zealot.” We pine for the day Dokta Glantz receives the universal condemnation he richly deserves.

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