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John Banbanbanzhaf's insanity

9th July 2008
John Banzhaf is used to getting his way. He wants you thrown in jail if you’re caught smoking in your own home or car, and moreover, says smokers are stinking disease vectors, everywhere they smoke, and even where they don't.
John Banzhaf, the founder of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), is insane. Not that he belongs in a funny farm, however. He belongs in jail, where he should have been put decades ago. Instead he’s roamed high and mighty, spreading fear, hate, and tremendous misery, on and on across the globe. ASH is the greedy shill of greedy antitobacco pharmaceutical giants and the pied piper of antismoking fanatics everywhere. With every step ASH takes, it denies it's planning a next step -- then it takes another step, together with all of its fascist retinue. Fools have doggedly refused to believe such fanaticism could possibly keep encroaching, even as it does keep encroaching, right in front of their eyes.

Banzhaf and his international gang ASH are afflicted by the same type of insanity that afflicted Joseph McCarthy: they're drunk with power. This is not an overstatement or a rhetorical exaggeration. Day after day, facts, statements and actions by Banzhaf and ASH demonstrate our point beyond any reasonable doubt.

Very much like McCarthy (or a cancer, if you will), Banzhaf and his gang manage to alter the structure of the (legal) body that hosts them, changing it to spread sick cells that grow without control. Like McCarthy, Banzhaf and ASH -- along with the ideology they represent, must be stopped – no matter what. The damage they have caused the society they operate in is devastating.

If you don’t stand up now and fight, you’re going to face the ASH Final Solution. Again, this is not an overstatement; it is a considered conclusion stemming from observing the evolution of ASH's actions, results and statements in the last few years. And ASH is getting worse every day, showing the terrible, ugly face of Tobacco Control in particular and of the healthist religion/ideology in general. Banzhaf’s recent press releases are typically arrogant, narcissistic, full of misleading braggadocio, and as always vicious. For example, he cites Big Pharma polling with its usual spin. He mentions a "study," which naturally suggests that smokers -- at every moment and everywhere, even when they are not smoking -- are revoltingly intolerable toxic waste. He proposes a law to to regulate the feeding of fat children.

Fanatical antismoking gangs (the American Lung Association in particular) have been saying that smokers stink, and that their stink is toxic, for years now. Naturally the eugenicists' new "study" (of all of 39 homes) "discovers" that coughs, colds, and asthma are "caused" by proximity to anyone who ever smokes anywhere, whether the filthy pigs smoke indoors or out, or near or far from their pure and innocent victims. Necessarily the genuinely causative role of pathogenic infection is studiously ignored, as is the inconvenient coincidence of spiralling asthma rates during the antismoking era: such considerations are obscured in the usual antitobacco manner with apoplectic cries to "save the children," while the ever-reliable conclusion that everybody agrees smokers should be utterly eradicated from every square inch of the face of the Earth is reached once again.

We link to Banzhaf's latest diatribes below, together with several other recent FORCES links regarding him, ASH, and related news, which provide perspective. Read them through. Throw up as you feel the need. Then get very angry and start fighting back. Banzhaf and what he represents must be stopped, cold - whatever it takes, anything goes, hesitation kills. Remember McCarthy.

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