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16th May 2008
Journalist Christopher Snowdon begins a short series of debunkings with an article on James L. Repace and his tornado delusion.
You will rarely come across so well-researched, well-considered, and clearly expressed debunking as this. James L. Repace, the driving force behind the 1992 Environmental Protection Agency report amidst a long career of duplicity, is truly fantastic. The nauseating nonsense he has gotten away with for years makes one’s jaw drop. Here his best known rhetorical enormity, and the duplicity behind it, are examined and exposed masterfully.

When will folks at large, and leaders who should, wake up to antismoking lunacy and tragedy? One day they will have to. Superior investigations such as shown in this article by Mister Snowdon will have to make that day come closer. Do not skip this one, dear readers, read it closely, go ahead and let your jaw drop, and then go ahead and get even angrier about the smoker pogrom than you have ever been before.

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