The Irish Miracle

Author: Søren Højbjerg
Article Published: 2009/11/13

The real lesson of Ireland is resistance.

Back in 2006, I commented on a piece of Irish junk science proclaiming the virtues of smoke free pubs. More than three years have passed. What has happened since?

Well, the tobacco control dungheads claimed far and wide that everybody in Ireland 'loved' the smoking ban. Soon all the children and old folks would be hopping and skipping with joy in the streets about being 'smoke free'. The smoking ban would be 'embraced'. Ireland was 'showing the lead' in tobacco control. The WHO drones hopped with delight. The Office of Tobacco Control in Dublin went ballistic with happiness. Social engineering was poised to braving the world with smoking bans....

Yeah, right.

The Irish have risen to the challenge [stored] of tobacco control tyranny. At its lowest, the official smoking rate in Ireland was about 23 %. Today things have improved greatly. The smoking rate is now a whopping 33 %, and steadily rising. A miracle has happened. As like an answer to a prayer, the Irish are smoking more. The free men and women of Ireland do not like to be told what to do by a self-appointed elite. Irish smokers are telling the healthist eggheads to 'buzz off'. The Irish will smoke if they damn well please!

There has been no coordinated effort to achieve this wonderful result. The press belongs to the enemy. No organisation has moved the masses to revolt. Human nature has revolted on its own. The sound stamina of free men and women has prevailed on its own.

The Irish buy their cigarettes on the black market. Good for them. They smoke contraband. Good for them. They flatly refuse to pay exorbitant cigarette taxes to the government. By doing so the smokers are denying their governmental persecutors the material means of creating hell on earth for them. If tobacco control zealots want money to push their pogrom, they'll have to make the money themselves. Buying contraband dries out the well of wealth that makes tobacco control so fat. Tobacco control needs to go on a diet – a starvation diet.

This is the recipe for victory over the health nazis. Forget debate. Forget negotiation. Forget trying to reason with the tobacco control fanatics. They respect only one thing – brute force. It is the only language they'll ever understand – speak it! Actions speak louder than words.

There will still be much fighting left. We have a lot of mopping up to do. The war is not over yet. But the Irish have shown the way to victory.

Keep on smoking. Smoke more. Smoke here, smoke there, smoke everywhere. Do not surrender.

We shall prevail. Victory belongs to us.

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