Victory in Denmark – more smokers!

Author: Søren Højbjerg
Article Published: 2009/01/16

It is almost one and a half years since an almost complete blanket ban on indoor smoking was introduced in Denmark. The infamous date was August 15, 2007.

Today the happy news is ticking in. The number of smokers has increased. The official smoking rate reached an all-time low in 2006, with an official smoking rate of 27,7 %. Today, in the beginning of 2009, the official smoking rate has crept up to 28 %.

Incredibly the antis tried to cover up the failure of their own stupid policies by claiming that the number of smokers had decreased. They are of course screaming for more bans, more regulation, and more government meddling. The chorus of health fascists simply up the volume when they fail, in Denmark just as everywhere else.

Figure: Smoking rates in Denmark since 1974. The graph text is in Danish. The little text box in the right hand side indicates the smoking ban introduction in 2007. The title has an error. The graph goes back to 1974. Source: Klaus Kjellerup (c) 2009, based on Health Council figures.

The graph depicts the official smoking rate, i.e. the percentage of citizens who claim to be smoking (or non-smoking) when asked by government surveyors. There is no actual measurement, and the cigarette sales have not been reported.

Happily, Denmark joins the growing list of nations where smoking bans have failed to reduce the incidence of smoking. It is wonderful to see that the mental health of the citizens has not deteriorated, despite the fact that they have been pummelled with 'science.' Now all we have to do is keep up the trend, so that one day we outnumber the antis.

Source (in Danish):

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