A Gathering Storm

Author: Robert Prasker
Article Published: 2009/01/16

In discussing the issues and problems imposed upon us by public health, we often speak in terms of the near future. We say things like "that's going to lead to..." or "pretty soon you won't be able to..." or "next thing you know, they're going to demand..."  The time has come to stop couching our worries in such futuristic terms, and face what really lies before us, as exemplified by the newest, and perhaps greatest, assault upon freedom and reason yet devised by the health fascists.

The health fascists have planted a campaign in their traditional testing ground of  downstate New York  that will make your skin crawl.

This ain't a smoking ban, folks. It certainly has nothing to do with anything resembling "public health". We're up against an unabashed, organized, fascistic, conspiracy of hate. Actually, hate isn't even a strong enough word. Other words come to mind... thanatos... death force.... evil...  For the moment, We'll compromise toward a kinder and gentler term. We'll just call it fascism.

FORCES has long warned that the public health jihad would culminate into a perfect storm that threatens the very base of freedom for all people, whether they smoke or not. That storm has now culminated, and it's gathering in downstate New York.

Anti-smoking has now launched an unprecedented campaign in New York State to rob all people who choose to smoke of their home, their privacy and their livelihood. The current incarnation of this campaign is called Smoke-free housing NY, and it is perhaps the most brazen and fascistic assault yet devised by public health in its war against free people.

A friend living in downstate New York made me aware of this campaign recently. Radio broadcasts in his area have recently been flooded with an insulting ad from this anti-smoking group.  As my friend described it to me, the scenario of the ad is a man with respiratory difficulties complaining to another man about smoking in a neighboring apartment. The second man then pimps the anti-smoking jihad and the website of this group, then the ad ends with the second man making this emphatic assertion: "Smoking is not a right".

The utterly asinine justification for the existence of a cabal like Smoke-free Housing New York is that "smoke drifting from lit tobacco products and/or exhaled by smokers seeps into the living spaces of other tenants and common areas of the building. SHS travels through lighting fixtures, cracks in walls, around plumbing, under doors and shared heating/ventilation."  Of course, these assertions are absurd. There is absolutely no evidence, not even shoddy evidence, that cigarette smoke from an adjoining apartment represents even a mild risk, nonetheless any kind of threat, even by the broadest interpretation. It insults the mind to even explain that drifting tobacco smoke has no ability to "seep through walls" or "travel through light fixtures".

This new campaign seems to follow the pattern of previous Orwellian assaults used by public health to set a nationwide precedent in oppressing people who smoke. There is a popular, and perhaps accurate, conception that New York and California are the soil out of which national trends take root. "As goes New York and California, so goes America" is the phrase. From there, such trends tend to filter throughout the western world.

Anti-smoking is very aware of this and has used New York and California as proving grounds for anti-smoking measures in the past. California was the first state to ban smoking in bars and New York City soon followed, then New York State. Belmont, California was also one of the first municipalities in America to ban almost all smoking, with the only exception being inside unattached dwellings and designated outside areas (where one would still have to stub out their smoke if asked to by a self-righteous busybody). San Luis Obispo, California is currently considering a similar draconian prohibition.

Upon visiting the homepage of the website pimped in the radio ad, one is greeted with a programmed panorama of  green sunlight that cycles clockwise behind a cityscape. Below that are a few words of propagandistic justification, then a set of posed, stock photos specifically designed to soften-up the self-righteous.  It's a sad, but expected, revelation. The healthists' Utopia isn't a Garden of Eden, but a chintzy fabrication; a brave new world of Stepford people, grateful and smiling for their freedom from nothing.

Detailing how revolting this website is would require a much longer piece. Between the demand that people call 311 to report someone smoking in a laundry room, the active call to relieve people who smoke from their ability to make a living, the advocacy for creating unnecessary divisions between neighbors, and the encouragement to put private landlords on the spot regarding a ludicrous issue, one could write a book length screed. I've already provided a link and the website speaks for itself; there's horror at every click.

However, this is not just some website, this a government endorsed campaign, and a particularly well-organized, Orwellian attempt to win public support for a fascistic assault by establishing a false artifice of authority over the most fundamental and essential of  constitutional rights. The aforementioned radio propaganda purposely exploits the civic illiteracy of the public-at-large to give the impression that there is an absolute case to be made regarding whether or not smoking in one's own home is a right.

This campaign has taken the unusual step of countering such arguments before they are even raised. Not only is the assertion made in the radio ad that "smoking is not a right", but the website also features a twelve page essay written by a public health lawyer who bends over backwards to interpret case law and the U.S. Constitution in a manner that displays utter disrespect for liberty and a bias for the fascist public health agenda that is hardly concealed with phrases like:

 "...advocates can work to amend or repeal those laws with confidence that their opponents cannot argue successfully that the advocates are trying to trample on a specially protected right to smoke."


"The Constitution does not stand in the way of state or local laws limiting the ability of citizens to light up at a time and place of their choosing. The Constitution, however, is not the end of the story. Certain laws can create barriers to the enactment of new smoke-free legislation. At least two types of state laws can impede a comprehensive smoke-free agenda."
This is a full-fledged assault not only on tobacco use, but the freedom of all Americans as embodied in the Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. The entire essay distances the U.S. Constitution far from its intentions by positioning itself as a case for positive rights (aka entitlements), rather than capturing the spirit of The Founders as a protection against government abuses.

To my knowledge, this propaganda only exists for the moment in the large, laboratory setting of downstate New York, and it has not yet moved into other areas. Just as occurred before smoking was banned in all public places in New York City, the airwaves in that area have been saturated with propaganda that seems to run on every commercial break. This is likely an effort to socially engineer public acceptance before enacting unprecedented restrictions. Judging from the language used on the Smoke-free New York's website, this means a fully pro-active, government endorsed effort to remove apartment dwellers who smoke from their homes and fire workers who smoke, whether they smoke on the job or off.

There will be no end to government imposition in our lives once they gain a foothold inside our very homes. Followers of FORCES have long known that conditions over the horizon were right for a perfect storm that robs all free people of their rights. Now the leaden clouds are covering the sky, and a gathering storm is moving across the landscape to cast its shadow upon all of us.

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