The Situation in Denmark

Author: Søren Højbjerg
Article Published: 29/09/2008

Continuing oppression, and growing defiance, lie ahead in Denmark.

It is now more than 3 years since I gave my first report about the smoker situation in the little European kingdom of Denmark. In those days, it was still possible to go into a restaurant, have a meal and finish it off with a cigarette. Today this is no longer legal (but certainly possible in a great many places).

The current legislation is set to be 'evaluated' in 2009. Any alterations will be put in force by 2010.

The new Minister of Health, a Conservative Party member by the name Jacob Axel Nielsen, is a paternalist of rank. He has paid a visit to Australia to 'learn' about Tobacco Control. The minister is much inspired. As we know, the situation in Australia is highly unsatisfactory for smokers. Minister Jacob Axel Nielsen has declared a liking for Australian anti smoking 'commercials' such as this one.

No words need be wasted in characterising Minister of Health Jacob Axel Nielsen. If he has things his way, Denmark will become a free-fire zone for Tobacco Control. 'If it smokes, kill it.' The sky will be the limit.

Lately there have been several dissenting voices. They may not make any difference, but let us mention the most prominent ones.

As reported by Forces, singer Mr. Kim Larsen, known primarily in Denmark, has launched several attacks against the ban mentality. First there was a poster campaign. This was launched in conjunction with a company of artists, known under the name Det Dårlige Selskab (The Bad Company). At all major train stations, as well as other places, posters were put up speaking out against the smoking ban. Shortly thereafter, Kim Larsen and four other musicians joined forces in an ad-hoc band called Den Gule Negl (The Yellow Fingernail). This band launched a ban protest song: 'Hold dig på måtten' (Stay on the Mat). The song can be viewed here.

Another band, Danser med Drenge (Dances with Boys) launched a ban protest song too. Thier contribution can be viewed here.

Both of these songs are in Danish. Even so, you can see that musicians and artists in Denmark have done a great deal to speak out against the ban mentality.

On top of all this, the Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Helge Sander of the Liberal party stated that he would not vote for more restrictions. He also stated that he had voted for the current legislation with a heavy heart. He did not like the smoking ban. But that is politics for you in a nutshell. We will have to see if Mr. Helge Sander makes good his promises.

As for the current smoking ban, it is being widely flouted. There is an exception for bars with less than a 40 square metre 'serving area.' These bars are obviously doing quite well. But the exemption has not been enough to stop a downturn in the hospitality business. I have no English language links. It is the usual story. We are all too familiar with the facts.

I am not too optimistic about the future. The well funded liars of Tobacco Control have a free ride to the legislators in parliament. The latest piece of Tobacco Control legislation was a ban on selling tobacco products to persons under 18 years of age (a WHO diktat.) The main proponent of this law was the Danish Cancer Society (a WHO puppet 'non-governmental organisation'). According to their own agitational material they do not expect the ban will have any effect. That is how strong these Tobacco Control psycopaths are – they can intimidate parliaments into creating legislation that has no effect.

I predict that the smoking ban in Denmark will be 'tightened.' I also predict that the result will be exactly the same as in Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia – an increase in smoking prevalence. Danish smokers will follow in the path of their Canadian smoking brothers. They will switch to contraband. There will be trouble for Tobacco Control in Denmark. It will get worse, before it gets better.

The stakes are about to be raised.

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