4,000 minorities to be hired by Federal Civil Service

Author: Andrew Phillips
Article Published: 08/09/2008

I read with interest the other day that the Clerk of the Privy Council has ordered the Canadian Federal Civil Service to hire 4,000 minorities for positions. It doesn't matter if in doing so they use quotas, if such exist, or fair representation of the population, whatever that may be, it's just a case of "do it."

This is apparently to replace the boomers as they retire. Well, I say, why replace them?  I also want to know what makes people in this country a minority. Well, is it not government policies which make them minorities, and doesn't that probably go a long way to making them feel like minorities as well? After all, if you're constantly reminded, daily it seems, that you're a minority, then you would probably start thinking that way in time, right? This makes it very hard for them to assimilate, if they want to, as they keep getting shoved back outside by government policies,  only to be reminded they're outside because they're minorities. This all comes about because government policy, and only government policy,  says they're minorities.
Now a government that refuses to let go of multiculturalism as a policy has a reason and this can be called buying votes, pork barrel politics, or name that tune. Many citizens have been led to believe that unless they embrace their own culture exclusively, and don't assimilate to any degree, then they are not part of the so-called Canadian mosaic. What we actually have is a very neat sleight of hand that actually keeps them in their own ethnic, cultural, religious enclaves, and that is how the bureaucrats want it. How many of the mandarins will retain their jobs if  programs like this one get axed? Let's face it: playing to the "hyphen" as I now call it has, up to this time, been a winner. After all, this is what made the Liberals the "natural ruling party" of Canada.
With hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs disappearing can we afford to pay for more civil servants? The only sensible thing to do is to start getting rid of divisive government programs — such as multiculturalism — that eat up the hard-earned money of all hard-working citizens. No government creates any real wealth, and all governments have the power to destroy it, countering the average citizen's ability to create it. I say no to another 4,000 civil servants and jobs that should not exist and never should have been created. The simple fact is we cannot afford to pay for them anymore.

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