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Smokers' Paradox
Eray Oge, MD

A new e-novel about the smoking wars by Eray Oge, MD is now being promoted on the internet, with a couple of free sample chapters for readers to browse at From the publisher's blurb:

"We hear every minute how bad smoking is to our health. But...what if there was a scientifically proven upside to smoking? Smoker's Paradox is a capsule of love-hate relationships, betrayal, vengeance, conspiracy and courtroom drama. This work of fiction may be politically incorrect but it is scientifically correct (backed up by scientific facts, theories and publications). A daring and intriguing story!"

ISBN:  1-58853-050-7

Pleasure and Quality of Life  

Pleasure and Quality of Life
David M. Warburton and Neil Sherwood, eds.

Researchers from a variety of fields contributed the chapters of this book, which deals with issues of pleasure, stress and lifestyle choice. The perspectives are diverse, ranging from the biological and psychological to the philosophical, social and political.

Publishers: John Wiley and Sons, 1996

ISBN 0-471-96511-1

Not available on  line

Healing Our World: The Other Piece of the Puzzle  

Healing Our World: The Other Piece of the Puzzle

This book by Dr. Mary Ruwart outlines a libertarian perspective on a number of contemporary problems. Those interested in the prohibition issue should check out Chapter 15. "We see no contradiction in arresting the cocaine user while we enjoy our favorite cocktail," writes Ruwart. "Are we once again sanctioning aggression -- through government -- in an attempt to control the lives of others?" We link to Advocates for Self-Government.

Review of the book, and ordering information


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