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Hot Talk, Cold Science
by Fred Singer

"In HOT TALK, COLD SCIENCE, renowned astrophysicist S. Fred Singer brings readers his intimate familiarity with the scientific literature-including studies overlooked-to shed light on one of the most important issues of today. Lay readers and specialists alike will profit from Singer's concise yet masterful discussion of the climate record; computer models; the effects of clouds,oceans, aerosol cooling, solar variability and greenhouse gases; crop yields; climate-change mitigation; and much more. Far from showing a consensus, Singer argues that climate science does not support global-warming pessimism. Yet unless the public comes to recognize this fact, policymakers may implement massive 'carbon' taxes and other controls that put society-especially the most disadvantaged-at great risk."

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Infectious Avenues to Cancer

This book by Don Ganem has nothing to do with the smoking persecution. The book proposes, with solid speculative foundations, that cancer is an infection. This theory has advanced tremendously among serious scientists in recent years. The book's synopsis concludes: "Examples like this reveal how much we still have to learn at the cellular and molecular level about the roles of infection in triggering cell proliferation and how likely we are to be surprised by what we learn."

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ISBN 0-19-510401-3

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