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Rampant Antismoking Signifies Grave Danger: Materialism Out Of Control

Vincent-Riccardo Di Pierri, PhD.

 The late-1960's/early-1970's marked a crucial turning point in the perspective of public officialdom, shifting from the role of public servants to that of public controllers. Since this time, ideological materialism (e.g., behaviorism, humanism) has been growing in domination of key social institutions (e.g., government, medicine, academia, media) in at least the major western nations. Materialism is not an ideology produced by a profundity of thought but, rather, a "default" ideology indicating a lack of considered reasoning, i.e., ideology of the unthinking. The disjointed, uni-dimensional framework can best be described as cultist. Yet, it presents itself to the public as "scientific."

Using the example of antismoking, the discussion highlights that most antismoking claims made by public health officials do not reflect coherent scientific findings but superficiality and contorted ideology. There is a detailed scrutiny of epidemiology and consideration of psychological, social/relational, and moral issues. To highlight the very severe and dangerous deficiencies of the superficiality of materialism, the transcendent framework of Christianity is contrasted.

The overriding theme throughout is that domineering antismoking, now on an unprecedented global scale, is not some "passing phase" but is a critical symptom of out-of-control materialism. Furthermore, given the materialist domination of particularly academia, scientific scrutiny of errant claims by a handful of outsiders has been essentially ineffective: Although one manifestation is scientific incompetence, the problem is not primarily scientific but is ideological.

The world system is in a regressive mode and already set on a destructive course: The cult of materialism dominates the populations and leadership of, at least, most western nations. It is the sort of mentality, as seen in Nazism, that can quickly degenerate into a moral vacuum where all manner of unconscionable conduct can be "materially" justified. It is also where many cult devotees claim that they were only following orders of "superiors." In other words, the mentality is capable of far more sinister conduct than antismoking. However, antismoking is an important, early symptom of the underlying mentality.

It is a tragic circumstance that many are not aware that a cultist thinking currently rules on a global scale and its detrimental influence on neglectful populations is set to worsen. It is a matter of urgency that as many as possible come to terms with the prevailing "ideology" of the time.

 ISBN 0-646-42222-7

A Critique of Nicotine Addiction
Hanan Frenk and Reuven Dar, Dept. of Psychology, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Nicotine is almost universally believed to be the major factor that motivates smoking and impedes cessation. Authorities such as the Surgeon General of the USA and the Royal College of Physicians in the UK have declared that nicotine is as addictive as heroin and cocaine. This book is a critique of the nicotine addiction hypothesis, based on a critical review of the research literature that purports to prove that nicotine is as addictive drug. The review is based on a re-examination of more than 700 articles and books on this subject, including animal and human experimental studies, effects of `nicotine replacement therapies', and many other relevant sources. This review concludes that on present evidence, there is every reason to reject the generally accepted theory that nicotine has a major role in cigarette smoking. A critical examination of the criteria for drug addiction demonstrates that none of these criteria is met by nicotine, and that it is much more likely that nicotine in fact limits rather than facilitates smoking.

ISBN 0-7923-7225-5 
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JUNK SCIENCE JUDO: Self-Defense Against Health Scares and Scams
Steven Milloy, 2001

Steve Milloy, aka "The Junkman" has done much to demystify the field of today's "political science" - that is, the tainting of science with institutional, career-seeking, or just plain old political agendas. Author of several books on the subject and a regular columnist with the Fox news web site, Milloy is launching a new book: the title says it all. Be sure to also check out his now-legendary website at

ISBN 1930865120 
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Passive Smoke: the EPA's Betrayal of Science and Policy  

Passive Smoke: the EPA's Betrayal of Science and Policy
Dr. John Luik and Dr. Gio Gori, 1999

The assault on civil liberties by irresponsible health authorities is based on junk science. The publication of this book may go a considerable way toward changing this state of affairs. It is a powerful and shocking critique of today's science and public policy procedures, highlighting the social and political dangers that these pose. Written in a lively and accessible style, it is an indispensable and timely "wake up call" for both the public health community, and citizens.

The authors address in detail the specific problem of the frauds about Environmental Tobacco Smoke by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, an agency which has the power to affect many countries outside the US.
Publisher: Fraser Institute (Vancouver, B.C.)

ISBN 0-88975-196-X
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Slow Burn  

Slow Burn
The Great American Anti-smoking Scam

An encyclopedic account of the past three decades of the antismoking frenzy engulfing America. Don Oakley skewers the bogus assumptions underlying the antismoking movement and analyzes the consequences to society when common sense and decency take second place to the futile attempt to eliminate the joys of tobacco. Oakley's book is the compendium of the major events that have brought us to the state where the antismokers appear unstoppable. Throughout he never looses his sense of humor and supplies a sense of optimism that the current insanity shall pass.

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ISBN 0-9619465-3-9


Climate of Fear

Is the Greenhouse effect a fraud just like passive smoke is? Is the cause of global warming proven? Of course, the health and environmental propaganda emphatically answer "yes" to the second question, but is it true? Not according to this controversial book, which courageously tackles with another "untouchable" dogma of these hysterical times: the planet is warming up because of human activity; humans are the planetary infection that must be kept under control. But maybe there are other cosmic events that cause global warming, and maybe humans overestimate their destructive abilities.

ISBN 1882577655

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Chemical Sensitivity : The Truth About Environmental Illness  

Chemical Sensitivity : The Truth About Environmental Illness (Consumer Health Library)
by Stephen J. Barrett, Ronald E. Gots

A retired psychiatrist takes on the currently fashionable environmental illnesses, distinguishing between speculation and scientific knowledge in his examination of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), sick-building syndrome, diet and hyperactivity, mercury-amalgam toxicity, Candidiasis hypersensitivity, the Gulf War syndrome, and other conditions.

Chemical sensitivity describes people with numerous troubling symptoms attributed to environmental factors. Many such individuals are seeking special accommodations or seeking recompense for their discomfort. CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY examines this phenomenon in depth and the scientific, legal, ethical, and political issues that surround it.

ISBN: 1573921955

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PC, M.D.: How Political Correctness Is Corrupting Medicine  


PC, M.D.: How Political Correctness Is Corrupting Medicine
by Sally L. Satel

From one of the most outspoken critics of the American health-care system, a searing account of how the wholesale intrusion of political correctness into medicine is creating a toxic system of medical care.

Drawing on a wealth of information, much of it never before revealed, PC, M.D. documents for the first time what happens when the tenets of political correctness-including victimology, multiculturalism, and the rejection of fixed truths and individual autonomy-are allowed to enter the fortress of medicine. Consider these examples:

1. A professor at the Harvard School of Public Health teaches her students that racial discrimination causes high blood pressure among blacks - an unsubstantiated and dangerous "truth".

2. Nationwide, consumer-survivors preach against involuntary commitment of the severely mentally ill, arguing for their "right" not to be treated.

3. Baltimore's Commissioner of Health proposes distributing heroin to addicts, claiming they are too oppressed to help themselves.

The consequences of putting politics before health are far-reaching, argues Sally Satel. Patients are the ultimate victims of these disturbing trends. Meanwhile, PC medicine diverts taxpayer money that could be better spent delivering health care, providing proven therapies, and rigorously investigating new ones. PC, M.D. is a powerful wake-up call to the medical profession and to patients.

ISBN: 0465071821

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Ecoscam : The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse
by Ronald Bailey

This book is overflowing with heavily footnoted evidence that we are being bamboozled by a few groups of zealots out to change the political landscape, even if it means fudging the truth a little here or there. The text is sometimes hard to follow, but only because he throws so many facts at the unsupported arguments of scientists and pseudo-scientists, and especially at scientists operating outside their fields. Butterfly scientist Paul Ehrlich and his wife show up several times, first bemoaning the man-made return of the ice age, then warning us about global warming with equal gravity. Bailey not only shows the illegitimacy of the science used by these apocalyptics, but he exposes their motives as well. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to ask, "Are you sure? How do we know? Are there no other alternatives?" when confronted with the bewildering plethora of supposedly man-made disasters.

ISBN: 0312109717

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Fear of Food : Environmentalist Scams, Media Mendacity, and the Law of Disparagement  

Fear of Food : Environmentalist Scams, Media Mendacity, and the Law of Disparagement
by Andrea Arnold, Jay Sandlin, Alan Gottlieb (Editor)

In this Age of Environmentalism, the gullability of the American public and media who wish to be on the "right side" of environmental issues creates a fertile ground for distortions, misinformation, and hysteria. Andrea Arnold performs a singlar service by cutting through these distortions and false claims by groups such as the Natural Resources Defense Council who are driven by dangerous level of enthusiasm to abuse science in the name of their pet causes.

ISBN: 0939571080

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Fearing Food: Risk, Health and Environment  

Fearing Food: Risk, Health and Environment
by Julian Morris
Institute of Economic Affairs
Roger Bate
European Science and Environment Forum

Environmental and consumer activists have for a long time blamed pesticides, fertilizers and other aspects of intensive farming for causing environmental degradation and human disease. Yet, as the authors in this book show, intensive farming has enabled growth in food production at a rate greater than population growth, thereby ensuring that people are better fed than ever before, whilst simultaneously limiting the effect of farming on the environment.

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ISBN: 075064222X

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Galileo's Revenge: Junk Science in the Courtroom  

Galileo's Revenge: Junk Science in the Courtroom
by Peter William Huber

A more credible subtitle would be "junk sci in the junkroom." Of course our legal system is based upon charlatans raping lepers; this deserves a book? Huber does follow the junk far enough to report on the appeal courts' reversals of the lower court decisions and awards. Read this if you suffer from low blood pressure.

ISBN: 0465026249

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Phantom Risk : Scientific Inference and the Law
by Kenneth R. Foster(Editor), et al

Investigates the difficulty of assessing environmental and occupational risks to health and safety, and the difficulty that causes in law courts. Scientists review a dozen cases, including weak magnetic fields, asbestos, Three Mile Island, and several drugs. In summary they offer recommendations for the legal system.

"Phantom Risk is a much needed antidote for the hysteria over low-level insult that pervades and debilitates our society." -- Alvin M.Weinberg, Distinguished Fellow, Oak Ridge Associated Universities

Phantom risks are risks whose very existence is unproven and perhaps unprovable, yet they raise real problems at the interface of science and the law.

ISBN: 0262061562

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Silencing Science

Science has been a major contributor to the health and wealth we enjoy today, but not everyone is happy with it. Science can get in the way of social and environmental activists, politicians, lawyers, and government regulators. This book is a tongue-in-cheek "how-to" manual for the concerned citizen annoyed by "pesky" science.

The authors describe more than 20 efforts of individuals and organizations to stop science in its tracks using techniques ranging from defunding scientific research to quashing scientific debate to substituting "junk" science for real science. Their witty descriptions illuminate the mischief that has followed successful and all-too-real efforts to thwart true science and offer stark reminders of the risks that follow when real science is silenced. Steven Milloy is publisher of the Junk Science Home Page and author of Science Without Sense: The Risky Business of Public Health Research. Michael Gough is director of science and risk studies at the Cato Institute.

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Science Without Sense Science Without Sense: The Risky Business of Public Health Research

This book by Steven Milloy is describing the evolution of "Junk Science," and its profitability in both fame and money. A "must-read". COMPLETE TEXT ONLINE



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Polluted Science

In Polluted Science, Michael Fumento shows that the myriad studies the EPA claims to rely on have been produced by a handful of environmental activists researchers and that much of the scientific community is aghast at what the agency passed off as "science". In a text that is scholarly and referenced, yet highly readable, Fumento devastates the claim that studies linking particles with illness and death are both consistent and "robust".

Michael Fumanto is a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, and author of numerous books.

ISBN 0-8447-4041-1

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